Video production tailored to your needs.​

The best ways to use our video production

In our video production we can provide lively and perceptive visual material. In other words, our footage optimally presents the message you want to get across. For instance, check out this collection of product videos we made recently.

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Video production for POS

Promotional film with your product for Point Of Sale display - mock-up clip for Jack Daniel’s. Draw attention to your product in large stores or any other place with our video production. ​

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Social network campaign

Create FB, IG, Google ads, and any other online ads or just posts. Tabanica needed a video production for social networks. Sales opened up on Facebook.
From one longer video, we can create shorter clips and high-resolution images.

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Brand awareness​

Because, using popular professionals in video production is very popular. So, here's one of the 12 advertisement videos made with Serbian chef Lepi Brka as the host.
Above all, this was video production for Tefal on social networks.

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Brand awareness​

Rise your product and brand awareness across the internet and promote sales.​

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4K video production

Higher quality video production than full HD, but better for larger screens and fairs.

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Branding and promoting

Branding your store with our visual content and promote particular products. Because we can help your customer choose your best offer.


Be a part of creative advertising campaigns and various projects working with people from around the globe.

Continue forging strong ties with our clients during the pandemic and look forward to building even stronger partnerships across geographies and cultures once this situation is fully under control.

Aleksandar Damnjanović

Videographer, Certified European Photographer
Advertising/Commercial photography

Hi! I am Aleksandar and I will be making videos and images for you. My experience in this business goes way back when the first digital images were made, while I was still producing large-format slides for my clients. In the ever-evolving life and market, I started working with videography and video production in 2014 and video editing right after. Building long-term relationships and serving a number of clients continuously over many years have been the hallmarks of my career to date, while onboarding new customers who share my passion for visual excellence have brought me some of the greatest joy as of late.

Zorana Stojanović

I am a graphic designer with many years of professional experience.
Certanly in various fields of visual communications. As a result, it is essential to consistently demonstrate high standards regarding ideas, look, feel, and utility of visual presentations.
In other words I am a dedicated design enthusiast with an eye for detail. For instance, I enjoy developing visual solutions and I am happy to see others enjoy it, too. Above all, believing that we communicate visually on many levels, I do my best to inspire by blending creative expression with crisp communication in digital form.


Aleksandar is a very rare creator who will listen to you very carefully. 
He will always create a visual message in his own style that will fit perfectly the set task.
Nebojša Vasilić
Marketing Manager
I've been working with
Zorana and Aleksandar for more than 10 years now.
They are a stroke of luck, enthusiasm and creativity in this business!
Nenad Gladić
Chef Lepi Brka
This is fantastic!
I was expecting something that would delight me, but this exceeded all of my expectations.
Thank you very much! Thank you both!
Dragana Pilipović

Our clients

Did you know that one third of all time spent on the internet is spent on watching videos?

We want to make creating advertising and promotional films as seamless as possible for you.

In conclusion, we do not need many people on the set. Courier service is usually working well. Our studio can accommodate products up to the size of a middle-sized fridge. We have in-house video editing. We can make online reviews with clients, and most importantly – we can work on a custom-tailored budget only for you.

On the other hand, you need your genuine visual content to be published in perpetuity. Because you have to maintain the presence of your product or brand within the minds of people browsing through the Internet.

With our video production, however, you will achieve that for a fraction of the cost you used to spend on TV commercials and web production.

Ready to build high-impact videos to galvanize your business? Just fill in the contact form or simply send us an email directly, and we’ll be in touch in a flash!